Other Programs

Cultural Competency and Accent Modification in the Service of Evangelization

Cultural Competency refers to the skills necessary to understand and relate in a caring way to those who are of a different culture, while also appreciating and using the blessings of one's own culture. This can greatly assist Evangelization, but it can also be a source of stress. This service seeks to assist those who are facing challenges in a different or multi-cultural environment.

Accent Modification is a special program that provides professional assistance for priests and brothers from other countries who wish to improve their ability to communicate more effectively by developing habits of pronunciation that are more easily understandable to American listeners. This program begins with a pronunciation assessment, followed by 13 individual or group sessions plus computerized practice exercises. This program is fairly intensive. The residential portion can be completed in two weeks, but will need to be followed by home practice and monitoring by a LHP accent modofication professional. Cost is standard $65 per day room and board, plus program supplies and professional assistance. Please contact Fr. Peter Lechner, s.P., at 575.419.0440 to discuss total cost.


Rest, Relaxation, Renewal and/or Vacation (3RV)

Before or after a retreat, or just for a time of respite from the stresses of ministry, priests, religious brothers and seminarians are welcome to use Lourdes House for a vacation and time of relaxation. Since our Center is in a scenic and historic part of the Southwest it offers many opportunities for hiking, exploring nature, archeology, geology, and religious heritage.

Those who wish to avail of these possibilities should consider bringing or renting a vehicle for this time.

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