About Us

Eucharistic AdorationThe Servants of the Paraclete Congregation exists to serve priests and brothers. At Lourdes House of Prayer and Ministry Center, we offer opportunities for spirituality and hospitality to priests and brothers who want to “come away to a quiet place” for a time. In recent years, our ministry has been blessed with expansion in the Philippines, Vietnam, Italy and West Africa.

We welcome:

• Priests from other countries
• Priests from all areas of the U.S.
• Priest and religious support groups
• Prayer groups
• Jesu Caritas groups
• 12-Step fellowships

We offer:

• Individual retreats
• Preached retreats
• Cultural Competency and Accent Modification in the Service of Evangelization
• Rest, Relaxation, Renewal—unique vacation opportunity
• Time to refresh and renew! 

Vision Statement for Lourdes House of Prayer

Founded in 1947 by Fr. Gerald M.C. Fitzgerald, the Servants of the Paraclete minister to fellow priests and religious by offering spiritual, holistic programs for vocational renewal. At Lourdes House of Prayer this is done through spiritual direction, prayer, contemplation, rest, recreation and special services to priests and brothers from other countries who are ministering in the U.S. Always located in a peaceful and tranquil setting, the Servants bring the compassionate, healing presence of Jesus Christ to those they serve.

Mission Statement

The Servants of the Paraclete is an International Roman Catholic congregation of vowed priests and brothers, dedicated to providing prudent and possible care for priests and brothers. The congregation is committed to the personal and spiritual growth, sanctification, health and well-being of priests and brothers for their good and the good of all God's holy Church.

Our Paraclete spirituality highlights the Fruits of the Holy Spirit—charity, joy, peace and patience. We aspire to be a community of Eucharistic adoration, contemplation and intercession as the source for priestly fraternity and renewal in body, mind and heart. We will pray for you while you are here, and a priest will be available for individual sessions upon request.

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